jeohunter 3d system metal detector

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    Posted: January 6, 2011 2:43 am

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    New jeohunter 3D 2011

    Do you want to extract the treasure easiest way?
    Do you want to know the name of metal and distinguish between, on the depth (12 m) or less without digging (1 cm) of the earth?
    Do you want to know how the depth of the target to have PAL (CMS)?
    Do you want to know the size and type of metal, fund or buried without any digging (1 cm) of soil?
    Do you have a signal you want to select the target site directly?
    Do you have a cellar or cave, or any space and you want to penetrate the ground and know what is inside from the treasures Dvain and raised?
    Is unable to know the location of the target because of basaltic rocks or volcanic rocks or Alasthalip or Alandfaip?
    Do you want to know what is in the ground of the treasures and Dvain and raised in three-dimensional without digging (1 cm)?
    Do you work on the search for gold and excavations within the environmental conditions and terrain bad?
    Do you have Dvain or boxes, or Treasures of Turkey or Pharaonic artifacts or treasures of Roman or Assyrian treasures or treasures returned and Thamud, and you want to be easily spotted?
    You my dear brother New jeohunter Metal detector device to be effective from the first class certified laboratories and experiences obtained by the World Aatip
    For more accurate details and information about the device more, please visit the following link

    To view the Videuan the modus operandi of the device and the duration of its strength and potential, on the following link

    To call and inquire more about the device at the following numbers
    YilDirim Dedektor
    Turkey – Istanbul

    Phone: 00902122335365
    Fax: 00902122335305
    Mobile: 00905079779020
    Mobile: 00905079779030

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